The World Karate Studio Family – Pt. 2: I’m teary-eyed. :)

Okay… so yes, I’m teary-eyed. :) Very well said, Kevin. We are all so truly lucky to be a part of something so unique. I originally brought Keegan to Buzz and World Karate Studio to help teach him values beyond what one mom could. And not only has he excelled, but he’s gained a group of friends that I hope will be lifetime.

What I truly didn’t expect was that I would be in there with him, learning so much at 40-years old and most of that beyond karate. I’m so glad you, Sonia and Brennan have joined us. Tom and Jean Marie are amazing— as are every single person in the whole family. Thank you for reaching out and giving us all a moment to appreciate how fortunate we are. Buzz starts the inspiration, and everyone else carries it though, including you.
I’m sure you and Sonia did great! See you soon :)

:) Lisa Kaczar McGarvey

The World Karate Studio Family

Spoiler alert – this is gonna be gushy.

Sonia and I just wanted to thank everyone for being a great extended “family.”  Sometimes, actual family relationships can be… let’s just say… disappointing, as we all know (lol).  Sonia and I have always told Brennan that you can build a family of people who are positive, caring, and respectful.

We’ve watched Brennan thrive under the disciplined and supportive instruction of Master Buzz and the black belts, but that’s not the only reason why we wanted to send this admittedly gushy email.  This Dojang is also about the people who train in it.  Truly, as Buzz has often reminded us, reaching black belt isn’t about establishing your lethality, it’s about becoming a teacher.  This is family full of teachers.  It’s like we have an unwritten 6th rule: “Offer help.”

Sonia and I tested last night.  She was apprehensive about the test because she had an injury and we were both not strong on the proper way to do the numbered self-defense moves.

So members of the family – Tom and Jean Marie – trained with us outside, in the “Angel’s Annex” (because she and Lisa apparently train there now, lol), firming up the self-defense moves, cementing the numbers, and brushing up on forms.  We entered the test feeling relaxed and ready.  Thanks, both of you.

Everyone is positive, respectful, kind, helpful.  It’s the sort of energy every community – every family – should have.

Thanks for welcoming our family into yours.  It’s an honor.

Kevin M. Costello, Esq., Shareholder
Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney


Dear Karate Students and Families:
Any patches, sparring equipment, uniforms, etc. that you may need in preparation for Saturday’s tournament in Atlantic City (for any of you who are participating), please speak to Rick or Buzz tonight at karate. 
On Monday, June 8th, we will be having our BELT PROMOTION at 6:30 PM. Please plan to attend, even if you are currently enrolled in Saturday only karate. We will be giving all those who passed their new belts.