Dear Karate Students and Families:
They will be milling the parking lot at the karate studio and campus area on Saturday. We will have classes, but be prepared to park further if necessary. 
Also, on Monday and Tuesday, they will be paving the parking lot and complex roads, and therefore we WILL CANCEL ALL KARATE CLASSES ON MONDAY DUE TO THE PARKING LOT BEING PAVED
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Employment Opportunities

Dear Karate Students and Families:

I am emailing all of you to inform you that am in coordination with Dom Luzi, Co-Founder of Higher Abilities, in an effort to assist disabled individuals who are in need of employment. After noticing the lack of reach and business experience within some of the current placement organizations, Dom and his Co-Founders decided to take a different approach. An approach that plays to some of the traits that people with disabilities possess.  For example, obsessive compulsive behaviors that can be channeled into being obsessive compulsive about software testing, back office data analysis tasks, or even working in a mail room to make sure customer communications are perfectly executed and delivered. We believe that these types of symptoms, habits and behaviors are special abilities and can be capitalized on by both the person and business.

Mr. Luzi and are currently working with contacts in one of the largest companies in New Jersey in coordinating such employment opportunities in the West Trenton area.   Dom and I are helping to create entry level jobs and changing the way in which businesses interview and hire people who are classified, diagnosed and recognized as disabled. As part of pilot program, we are seeking individuals who are struggling to get employment as a result of their disabling situations/conditions. Please keep in mind this is a pilot program and the success of the program is designed to open more doors, for more people. You or someone you know might not fit the current requirements, but you will not know unless you take the first step.

The qualified individual must be able to get to work in the West Trenton area on time and be prepared to work. The current opportunity is part time consisting of three days a week for four hours per day.

If you have anyone in mind who may benefit from this opportunity, of any employable age and disability, please email Mr. Luzi at dom@higherabilities.com swe can work together to help those in need to achieve an opportunity.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.





Buzz Mingin



Dear All,


I have an amazing adult student who I work with and have known for many years, Matt Woodward. He is very bright and motivated, is 27 years old, and just completed his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers having a bachelor degree from Penn State also in Mechanical Engineering. Matt is tenaciously looking for job/career opportunities. Matt has struggled to land a job and is working hard to improve his interviewing skills. His career focus is the area of design and development. If anyone is aware of any opportunities in the engineering field, please let me know, as Matt is willing to start at an entry level position to simply get his foot in the door. 


Thank you for your support in this matter.