New Karate Cycle Changes

Dear Karate Students and Families:
Our next karate cycle commences on Monday, October 27th. There is a change to our schedule that will benefit most of our students. To date, we have maintained the following schedule:
Mondays and Thursdays               Saturdays
5:30-6:30                                         9:00-9:45          Beginner Behavioral Class (4-12 Year Olds)
6:30-7:30                                         9:45-11:00        Intermediate Integrated Class (13 Years and Older)
7:30-8:30                                         11:00-12:00      Advanced Class (Blue Belts & Up, or Lower Belts 16 and Older)
As of Monday, October 27th, the first day of our new cycle, the schedule will be as follows:
Mondays and Thursdays                Saturdays
5:30-6:15                                         9:00-9:45           Beginner Behavioral Class (4-12 Year Olds)
6:15-7:00                                         9:45-10:30         Intermediate Class – (Orange Belt to Blue Belt – 8-12 Years Old)
7:00-8:00                                         10:30-11:30       Advanced Class (13 Years and Older or Those Recommended by Buzz)
8:00-8:45                                         11:30-12:15       AFH Conditioning Class (Blue Belts & Up, or Lower Belts 16 and Older)
As always, the cost of the karate cycle is $300.00. For those who attend Saturdays only, the cost is $150.00 for the cycle. Parents of children attending karate who wish to attend karate pay $150 for the cycle. There is a sibling discount of 12.5%. Anyone who wishes to come in only once in a while as their schedule allows can pay a drop-in fee of $20 per class. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash. 
Please let me know if you would like me to add your name to the roster for the next cycle, and if I should charge your credit card. 


Dear Karate Students and Families:
On October 30, 2014, we will be celebrating our black belts and under-belt promotions. This special event will commence at 6:45 on October 30th and is expected to end around 8:15 PM. The event will cost $15.00 per person, which will cover the cost of food for all attendees. Children 5 years and under are free. 
The event will include dinner, a description of the new details that are taking place at World Karate Studio, the developments of American Freestyle Hapkido, a listing of upcoming events, awards ceremony for Ryan Day, Tamir Lieber, Nicole Messina and Kenny Hill, and belt promotions for all of those who tested on October 18, 2014 and related make up tests. 
Reservations must be complete by Friday, October 24 so food can be ordered in a timely manner. All students are allowed to invite as many friends and family as they wish. We need to know by October 24, 2014 if you wish to attend and how many in your party. Bring your cameras and prepare to spend an inspiring evening with the World Karate Studio family. 
Should you have any questions, please contact Christine at this email address. 
Buzz Mingin
Christine Ventriello


Dear Karate Students and Families:
The following students will be eligible to test this Saturday, October 18th. The testing times are also below. 
8:00-9:30 TEST

Aidan Leatherdale
Caidan Buckley
Logan Drumm
Matt Toran
Payton Buckley
Rory Schaffzin

9:30-12:00 TEST
Alex Camp
Andrew Brooks
Ashley Clement
Chris Barnes
Collin Day
David Zoffer
Jake Lederman
Jayson Zoffer
Jean Marie Farkas
Jeff Grugan
Keegan Boyce
Kevin Costello
Lisa McGarvey
Michael McNaughton
Nick Damiri
Ryan Mabrey
Ryan Quinn
Tom McNaughton
Will Day

Please remember that we will be having another test in December. Those who are not eligible to participate in Saturday’s test will be able to test in December. The karate testing fees are below for your convenience. Please let me know if you are not available to test. 

Yellow Belt                              $40.00

Yellow Belt with Stripe            $45.00

Orange Belt                            $50.00

Orange Belt with Stripe          $60.00

Green Belt                               $65.00

Green Belt with Stripe             $70.00

Blue Belt                                  $75.00

Blue Belt with Stripe                $80.00

Purple Belt                               $85.00

Purple Belt with Stripe             $90.00

Red Belt                                 $100.00

Red Belt with Stripe               $125.00

Brown Belt                             $150.00

Brown Belt with Stripe           $200.00

Black Belt                              $400.00


Christine Ventriello