Dear Karate Students and Families:


I want to express an idea and plan the instructors and I share regarding the testing that was planned for this Saturday, September 20, 2014. It has been decided that all students and instructors at World Karate Studio will speak as a group at Saturday’s classes and again at Monday’s classes to identify what each student needs to improve in order to be prepared for our next test. Our goal is for everyone to test as soon as possible, in the next few weeks in October, while we assist some students who are in need of improvement to qualify to test. It is the same effort and philosophy of how the World Karate School stuck together and supported the black belts in their effort to prepare for their recent test. Among a few students who recently returned to karate and those who simply need fine tuning of his/her skills, the instructors and I are optimistic we can train harmoneously to get us all on board to have one student filled test while we motivate each other to prepare and succeed. Our goal is not to upset anyone, but to give everyone a fair chance to be prepared for the test.


We will discuss this further at karate. Should you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to email me.







Dear Karate Students and Families:


I will have the first 5 Hapkido forms in writing to hand out to everyone next week.




We Now Take American Express

Dear Karate Students and Families:


As of today, we are now able to accept American Express. If anyone would like to pay with American Express, please email me and we can call you for that information. We would need the following:


Name on Card

Credit Card #

Expiration Date

4-Digit Security Code on front of card

Billing Address including zip code