Important Updates

Dear Karate Students and Families:

First, Tamir The Engineer, Father Rick, Master Hill and I want to welcome the many new students we brought into the World Karate Studio: Alex, Jake, Robert, Bella and the return of Jumping Jack Flash. The new students started the new year with enthusiasm and positive attitudes, so let’s create some momentum and keep it going. 

Also, I want to give a shout out to Tamir, the Engineer, who started his new career as a bio-environmental engineer yesterday, January 9, 2017. 

A second shout out to GMan, Gavin Marshall, who was recognized for academic excellence at school…You Da Man, GMan.

Next, Rory Schaffzin has been recommended to return back to his public school district due to his exemplary improvements at school, and we have seen the same at World Karate Studio. 

Please see the attached calendar for this cycle. Although it was already sent, I wanted to provide it again for those who may not have received it. 

Goals will be the key in our effort to become stronger people for 2017. I want to make sure everyone has his/her goals on the white board, as we all focus on the process of meeting short term goals in an effort to achieve longer term goals. 

Bone Breaking Thunder Clan Junior Class…As everyone witnessed, our 9:45 class is very busy. I want to assure all participants and family members we will maintain structure in this class, as we have enough staff to direct and guide the class and many responsible Bone Breakers who are of great help as well. 

Bone Breaking Seniors…We love the attitudes. The Engineer, the Father and I are all so overwhelmed by your motivation, effort and discipline you have all committed to now become Black Belts. 

Adult class participants…whether you are attempting to lose weight, learn the AFH forms, or even simply get to one class per week, please stay communicated with the Black Belts so we can keep you pumped. Great to see some of you back. As you can see from Monday, January 9th’s 7:00-8:15 class, we have new techniques being taught and Black Belts are now back in stride training like animals too.

Wednesday classes with Master Hill are still on for Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00 PM for all those Green Belt and up, all ages. 

Black Belts…what can I say? Korea Test in May, Nationals in May, and your next DAN test in May. Love the energy of our training over the past week. We only have two Korea forms left to master and the rest is diet, repetition and consistent training. 

What a great start to 2017. Don’t look back, map out your process and let’s achieve our goals.


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