Dr. Buzz

Dr. Buzz Mingin is proud to be the father of Jordan and Jake, and stepfather to Joey, Jackie and Katie. Buzz, who was raised in and is still living in Burlington County, New Jersey, spends all of his free time with his family playing sports, going to the shore, playing video games, eating Italian food, going to the movies, and making plans for the next available family day.

Buzz started a tutoring business in college when he was a sophomore at Farleigh Dickinson University, Madison Campus. Known as a social butterfly, even FDU’s Homecoming King in 1990, not to mention held the position of Social Chairman in his fraternity Sigma Chi, Buzz would introduce local disabled children to all his classmates, professors, and related individuals at the FDU Madison Campus in order to better develop each child’s social skills. After years of success, he decided to open his first office providing academic support and social skills training to special needs children in Livingston, New Jersey. Hence, by the year 2000, Buzz had incorporated his business, calling it Buzz’s Bookworm, Inc., and had locations in East Hanover, Mt. Holly, Marlton, and Pennington, New Jersey.

Simultaneously, Buzz opened his first social skills karate school in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, in 1993 and, by the year 2000, he had karate locations in East Hanover, Marlton, and Eastampton, New Jersey.

Fully equipped with multiple locations all over New Jersey, approximately 50 employees, and too many to mention district, county, state, and government contracts later, Buzz realized his mission to identify, manage, and save learning, behavioral and emotionally challenged students was not efficient enough because in order to service even more needy children, he would have to keep opening more locations, which was not the goal. As a result, Buzz closed down all of his locations, protocolled all of his programs and implemented them into the public and private schools throughout New Jersey. By doing this, Buzz has been able to help and assist thousands of students per week instead of hundreds. Not to mention, his hundreds of seminars around the country to both parents and teachers have now reached the welfare of tens of thousands of other students who Buzz may never know. Additionally, Buzz’s revised business model has allowed Buzz the necessary time to spend with his own children and wife, Bonnie.

Dr. Buzz has now mastered his masterful protocol, school-wide classroom management for coping and accountability. This effective instrument educatesteachers how to teach compensatory skills to students with learning, behavioral and emotional inconsistencies and to hold these same students accountable for utilizing offered coping tools or not utilizing offered coping tools. This approach is based on a multimodal system – every adult is on the same page, using the same coping tools, same language, and same reinforcers and consequences. This method/system has not only benefited many, but also was adopted by many schools throughout the country since the year 2000.

Currently, Dr. Buzz is a New Jersey Certified School Social Worker, has his Ph.D. in Education and is actively pursuing his Psy.D. in Behavioral Science in Psychology. He is a professional development provider for the New Jersey Department of Education and a Qualified Expert for Burlington County Superior Court.  As a Certified Forensic Counselor by the American Board of Forensic Counselors International, Dr. Buzz is utilized as an expert in the field of Special Education Litigation in the State of New Jersey.