The Martial Arts Whisperer

“The Martial Arts Whisperer” is a show based on the efforts of Dr. Buzz Mingin, life coach and behavioral specialist, whose unique and successful formula for changing people’s lives will now be available for all to observe. Dr. Buzz, who is the Director and Owner of World Karate Studio, is also the Grandmaster of American Freestyle Hapkido and Social Skills Karate. With the assistance of very talented black belt instructors who Buzz has personally trained, they are able to teach life skills to individuals who all suffer from personal handicaps or unfortunate circumstances. For example, many of Dr. Buzz’s students suffer with some of the following conditions: nerve disease, neuromuscular disease, bone disease, fibromyalgia, Down’s Syndrome, Lyme’s Disease, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Learning Disabled, Anxiety Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, weight control, shyness, lack of confidence, victims of abuse, victims of bullying, etc.

Through a very structured culture of martial arts influence, combined with behavioral interventions and a normative culture for positive school-wide support, the Martial Arts Whisperer is able to teach people how to compensate for their area of personal weakness while also holding his students accountable for their cooperation to do so.

The age of the Whisperer’s student population ranges from 4 years old through adulthood. As one can imagine, this is not a typical martial arts academy. From color coordinated walls for the dyslexic, to a scripted language for the frustrated, to a behavioral modification system where everything in the Whisperer’s academy is earned, the world needs to see the Whisperer and his black belt instructors teach the world:

  • how to change human behavior
  • how to teach ailing people to cope
  • how to hold people accountable
  • how to set limits with challenging behavior
  • how to correct others in a positive way
  • how to deescalate aggressive behavior
  • how to understand people’s function of behavior
  • how to understand autism
  • how to hold disabled people accountable
  • how to coach people who are fragile
  • how to build people who are broken
  • how to create friendship among those with no spirit
  • how to parent complicated children
  • how to manage students who are easily distracted
  • how not to get angry at misbehavior
  • how to create a positive behavioral support culture
  • how to set expectations
  • how not to give in to temper tantrums
  • how to sustain extinction bursts
  • how to understand mental illness
  • how to create a support team
  • how not to bribe people to meet expectations
  • how to not feel scared by someone who’s different
  • how to build social etiquette
  • how to motivate someone who has lost interest

how to excite someone who has given up

And most of all, how to appreciate and capitalize on all the great qualities that a person possesses and make one feel special for who they really are.

The money raised through the “Funding Campaign” will be utilized for the production of a documentary called “The Martial Arts Whisperer.” The goal is to raise $27,000 for the completion of the documentary so the Martial Arts Whisperer and his talented black belts can educate the world as to how to heal and equip challenged individuals with the necessary coping tools for a productive and happy life. Any additional funding will allow for advertising for the show and additional production to support the effort.

This program will be particularly helpful for those who are parents of special needs children or family members, disabled themselves, teachers, or special education teachers, social workers, psychologists, behavioral specialists, developmental specialists, medical professionals, court judges, attorneys, probation officers, and all others who have a heart for those who have obstacles in their lives that need a team approach in order to cope.

We hope to have you on our team.


Dr. Buzz (The Martial Arts Whisperer)